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Everything on the cover of Logic's EVERYBODY. Collab with Tony.

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An interactive network graph of the self-referential connections on Kendrick Lamar's DAMN.

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Migos Adlibs

Play every ad-lib of Migos' "CULTURE". Collaboration with the homie @daeclan.

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Ultralight Tweets

Play every gosh darn bar of "Coloring Book" tweet by tweet to the music.

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April 09, 2018 dope
A few weeks ago, Joe Fox of the LA Times published this amazing bit of data driven journalism: How to find the shade at Dodger Stadium. I was curious to know more about how he generated the data, and luckily Joe himself published an in-depth...
February 10, 2018 meta
Welcome to my updated site! I’ve finally got my backlog of blog posts up and I’ve also added some more playlists. My favorite blog posts are the technically impressive and inspirational sites I've been bookmarking over the years that usually combine...
December 21, 2017 words
This article from The Ringer goes into the power of the playlist in 2017, especially when compared to a weaker year of big name album releases: How the Playlist Finally Usurped the Album. I personally found more favorite albums in 2017 than 2016, but...
October 07, 2017 dope
This is a beautiful piece of coding and journalism. I love the layout of the timeline, especially the embedded videos: The Making of Lavar. It's extermely effective at communicating Lavar's "rise". Whether you read each event or you fly through the...
August 23, 2017 words
This article is a great read on using Hip Hop as a vehicle for teaching students about technology: Spitting Lines - How hip-hop is introducing children to coding and technology. It talks about classrooms in New York, Spotify and Tumblr sponsored...
June 17, 2017 project
I made this site along with Tony Clayton with the aim to identify and explain all the people, references, and easter eggs on the cover of Logic's third studio album “Everybody”: Everybody Cover. Tap any name on the cover to learn more about the...
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