June 17, 2017 project alej-project

I made this site along with Tony Clayton with the aim to identify and explain all the people, references, and easter eggs on the cover of Logic's third studio album “Everybody”:

Everybody Cover.

Tap any name on the cover to learn more about the person or reference.

There’s a full backstory on the amazing cover and it’s artist Sam Spratt on the site’s About page, but the gist of it is that Logic’s cover is inspired by Paolo Veronese's The Wedding at Cana and contains several, several people and things important to him.

Between the album's announcement and release, the collective minds of the internet identified many of the cover's references but not quite all of them. With these guesses and with the artist’s nearly completely annotation of names, we set out to fill in the rest.

Check it out, and as always, be on the lookout for a tech breakdown of the tech and libraries behind the site. They’re coming soon!