This is a dope analysis of music sampling networks by Justin Tran:

Music Sampling Networks.

It's an academic paper that gets into nitty gritty math although if that's not your cup of tea the author provides a slide deck summary and a single page poster.

I struggled with the higher level math concepts but the full paper is truly worth a read for the paper's in-depth commentary, analsyis and conclusions.

The paper relies on ~30,000 uniformly chosen samples from WhoSampled's 300,000 sample library, some topics explored include:

• Intra sample vs inter genre sampling

• Specific sampled elements (vocals, bass lines, drum beats, etc.)

• Different measurements of influence

• "Does Hip-Hop sample music more often than other genres?"

• "Did "Grand Upright Music Ltd. v. Warner Bros. Records Inc." slow the sampling trend?"

Definitely check it out as well as the Reddit thread for further discussion and some Q&A with the author.