June 03, 2019 project microsite ai

This site by Samarth Jajoo and Linus Lee generates lyrics based on specific rappers' top 20 songs:


It's pretty fun to generate lyrics and pick out specific recognizable snippets like this gem from a Drake generation: "making room for the beatles on the pre nup".

So how does this work? Similar to SongwriterBot, it uses Markov chains.

SongwriterBot pulls from a much larger dataset and structures lines with more familiar bar lengths and rhyme endings, but I really do enjoy the artist-specific aspect of lyrics.rip.

The artist-specific aspect also brings to mind the great Vocabulary Spills project which guesses which rapper's lyrics are being submitted.

It's so dope to see more and more lyric based projects cropping up. Check out the Reddit thread for more hilarious examples.