July 07, 2020 link article music

Courtesy of Okayplayer, check out this great look at the the run-up and impact of The Root's "How I Got Over" on its 10 year anniversary:

How The Roots’ ‘How I Got Over’ Became Their Crowning Achievement Of The New Millennium.

This album still brings memories of 2010 rushing back and is one of my top albums of all time. Still, I found some amazing gems in this article, for example:

According to Questlove, the false starts surrounding How I Got Over was a product of an arduous recording process, with upwards of several hundred new tracks at their disposal.

I'm used to hearing this about albums, particularly rap albums, but picturing hundreds of Roots songs with full band, instrumentation, and countless Black Thought verses, wow.

I'll save diving into this and my other all-time great albums for another time but in the meantime please give the article and the album a spin.

Post script, the above header image is the cover of the VinylMePlease pressing of the album. I finally gave it a spin recently when organizing my small record collection and that's led me into the lovely world of Discogs. It's been a treat logging my collection and researching amazing pressings of some of my favorites I never new existed. I'm a little worried my colletion won't remain small for long... Definitely check out Discogs on your next rainy day.

Post post script, linking this here in case I don't get around to making a full post on it. If you're struggling for motivation/content/distractions in this quarantine world, The Roots have got your back: Questlove and Black Thought on how quarantine unlocked their creativity.