February 13, 2021 project micro-site breakdown

Up next is a dope project from my long-time collaborator and friend Declan. Check out this amazing 3D soundboard which is a massive twist and leap beyond the kind of soundboards you may have seen before:


Our first collaboration was 2017's Migos Ad-Libs, a project which still impresses me today and which I'm extremely grateful for Declan creating and really pushing to new heights. It even got coverage on quite a few publications.

So what's Declan got cooking up now?

It's an incredibly detailed and fun soundboard built on three.JS and tone.js.

I've yet to use tone.js but Declan has some fantastic insight into the development process and the roller coaster of a design process over on r/YoungThug.

After reading that thread be sure to check out Slime.Surf in-depth. I guarantee you'll get lost in the world he created, especially looking for the easter eggs 👀.

Hit up Declan on Twitter or his personal site for any other questions or inquiries, he is hustling and capable of amazing things!