February 02, 2024 beat music

Following up on last year's FL Studio post, I'm taking a quick break from music technology to share some of my old beats.

Did I put together my last FL Studio post just to get to my own beats? Quizás.

Instead of updating the Alej Archivez playlist this week (available on Apple Music, Spotify, or Tidal) I went back into Alej’s archives and uploaded my favorite beats, including some unreleased ones that never made it to MySpace in the late 2000s:

alejvpro on Soundcloud 👀

Speaking of MySpace, I recently found out that they lost most of their music in 2018. Shout out to the team who made an amazing website to search the ~1% of songs that did survive (mine did not).

Let me know which beats you like and have a good weekend!