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July 27, 2019 music playlist
I’ve finally got my go-to playlist for summer cook-outs...
December 04, 2018 music playlist
I made this playlist for those situations where you may not know the tastes or sensibilities of the people you’re with. It stays away from more in-your-face and explicit music but does little “watering down” beyond that. It’s definitely more vibey...
June 09, 2017 music playlist
This one's got reggae, tropical house, new funk, and hip hop with house and bounce. Think somewhere at the intersection of Goldlink, Kygo, and "Kauai" era Childish Gambino. Spotify
October 31, 2016 music playlist
Ring in halloween with a hip hop inspired darker side of Halloween...
March 31, 2016 music playlist
With its namesake from The Roots' "Lazy Afternoon", this playlist has got mellow Hip Hop and R&B with sampled/crackling drums. Think Common, The Roots, Tribe, and modern acts with the same vibes. Spotify